For anyone considering commissioning a painting, please read the steps below that describe the process. You can find information about the quality of the materials I use and a Price Guide further down the page.

1. Send a Picture

First, since I work directly from photographs I will need several that you like. You can either email me high-resolution images or post them – email and address are available on the Contact page. High quality photographs are very important as I can only paint what I see. There is a section on Taking Suitable Photographs at foot of this page.

2. Determine the Composition

Next I develop the concept for the composition. I create a mock up in Photoshop of what the composition will look like from your photographs. I then send a proof for your approval.

3. Begin Painting

Once we agree upon the composition I will then need a 50% deposit paid to secure the commission. Once received, I will notify you via email when I start your painting. When it is about halfway finished I will email you an in-progress photo. If, at this point, you cancel the order I will refund 50% of your deposit.

4. Completion

Once your painting is done I will email you a photograph for final comments and approval. Final payment is then due. Once received I will ship your painting. Hopefully you will love your painting, but if for any reason you are not satisfied you can return it for a full refund less shipping and handling.

Highest Quality Materials

My portraits are created with the highest quality materials. I use Windsor & Newton oil paint on linen or cotton stretched canvas. If you would like to have your artwork framed I will be happy to recommend some options and a quote for the additional price involved.

Price Guide

The following table provides a rough pricing guide. Actual prices will vary depending on the complexity of the composition, as more complex compositions will require more time to complete. This is introductory pricing and will be subject to review.

Oil Paintings

Canvas Size*



Small 10"x8" £150 Suitable for single head and shoulders study.
16"x12" £250
Medium 18"x14" £300 Suitable for up to 2 head and shoulders studies or single full body portrait.
20"x16" £375
Large 24"x20" £500 Suitable for several head and shoulder studies or up to 2 full body portraits.
30"x20" £700
Extra Large 36"x28" £900 Suitable for several head and shoulder studies or several full body portraits.
40"x30" £1200

* Other sizes available upon request
** Prices are approximate and do not include delivery or framing. Final price will be agreed upon before commencement of any work.


I also produce pencil sketches. Drawings are on good quality cartridge paper (160-200 g/m2). They can be purchased either framed or unframed.



Inc. Frame***


unframed: ~21cm x 30cm
framed: ~30cm x 40cm
Single Subject yes £50
no £40
Two Subjects yes £60
no £50
unframed: ~30cm x 42cm
framed: ~42cm x 52cm
Single Subject yes £72
no £60
Two Subjects yes £82
no £70

* Other sizes available upon request
** Alternative compositions available upon request.
*** The frames I use are from IKEA. Click here to view them.

Taking Suitable Photographs

Here are a few tips on taking suitable photographs;

1. Quality

Photos should be as high quality as possible. They should have a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels - the higher the better. Often photos taken on mobile devices are not particularly sharp or of high enough resolution, so they may not be suitable to use as references.

2. Lighting

To achieve best results take photos outside or by a large window, to avoid ‛red eye’. Do not take photographs in extreme lighting conditions (i.e. too sunny, too dull or too close to a flash). If you can, keep your back to the sun.

3. Perspective

If possible, take photographs from the subject's eye level. This will help create a more natural looking pose.

4. Distance

Take the photographs as close to the subjects as possible, making sure they remain in focus. This will provide the most detail for me to work from.

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